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IDX Dual V-Mount Charger (Endura VL-Zplus)

This Geared at smaller and full size cameras, the CUE-D95 batteries feature a 91Wh capacity and support loads up to 6.3A/76W, and they fall under the 160Wh IATA limit for carry-on aircraft baggage. The VL-2 Charger will charge both batteries sequentially in approximately 5 hours and can alternatively be used as a 60W power supply via a 4-pin XLR output.


No of DaysRent per day
1 – 3 days250 /- INR
4 – 6 days230 /- INR
7+ days210 /- INR



The CUE-D95 batteries feature individually cradled cells for increased heat dissipation and safety, and circuit protection against overcharge, over-discharge, and overcurrent. The batteries also feature a P-Tap output for powering accessories.

The VL-2 Charger/Power Supply operates within the 100-240V worldwide voltage range and features charge status LEDs, built-in handle, and recessed power switch designed to prevent accidental shut downs.

  • 2 x IDX System Technology CUE-D95 91Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery

    Power your camera or other pro video equipment with the IDX CUE-D95 91Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery. The battery can supply up to 16.8 VDC to the plate, and can also provide up to 50W to power accessories through the integrated D-tap output. CUE series batteries feature an internal pack design, which cradles each cell and isolates it in order to enhance reliability and safety. IDX CUE-D batteries should be charged using IDX-branded chargers; third party chargers may not charge CUE-D batteries correctly.


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