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Sony α7S II E-mount Camera

Extend your powers of perception with the new α7S II, for extra sensitivity, wide dynamic range, accurate focusing, and unshakeable stability to shoot with solid assurance.

Ultra-high sensitivity, extra-wide dynamic range and improved image processing algorithm deliver high-quality images with spectacular details.

No of DaysRent per day
1 – 3 days2500 /- INR
4 – 6 days2300 /- INR
7+ days2100 /- INR



Now internally records 4K movies in full-frame format featuring full pixel readout3 without pixel binning, and includes an array of advanced movie functions.

The S-Log3 offers better tonal reproduction from shadow to mid-tone (18% gray) than the S-Log2. The α7S II even offers an impressive 14-stop latitude in S-Log3 gamma setting.


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