A versatile & professional Photography equipment rental company in Bangalore

If photography is your trade, you will probably already know what camera lens you require and what it can do. Nevertheless, it may not always be practical to invest in specialist lenses that are required infrequently and that’s where we come in.

Create high-quality and realistic videos with Arri Alexa XT Plus 3.6K. This high tech video camera lets you do faster and longer ProRes/DNxHD recording and features Open Gate sensor mode to capture the largest available sensor area.

Capture your moments in 4.2K (4264 x 2408 pixels) with Sony Alpha A7S III. This DSLR camera has an excellent dynamic range and delivers massively improved AF performance. Its high-definition results make it perfectly suitable for professional and recreational use.

Wildclickz was established to give amateur and professional photographers the freedom to try out any lens, any time – simply and easily. A new lens can transform your photography and give your camera a whole new perspective but because of the costs associated with top DSLR lenses, few photographers are able to experience the power and astonishing clarity that such specialist lenses can impart.

We stock an extensive range of Canon , Nikon ,Sony and Panasonic digital DSLR lenses and can also hire out ancillary camera equipment including specialist Rigs, Tripods, Lights, Reflectors and Brackets. There is no need to leave your house to take stock of all this shiny new equipment, we will bring it straight to you.

All-in-one PL-mount RED RANGER with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor (V-Mount) is an 8K solution from RED DIGITAL CINEMA for rental house and high-end production use, as well as for individual users. Built around the HELIUM 8K S35 35.4MP CMOS sensor, this kit features a shimmed PL mount, a V-mount battery plate, integrated I/O ports including 12 and 24V output, additional SDI and AUX power outputs, built-in 5-pin XLR audio input, and improved fan and thermal performance.

For amateur photographers, Wildclickz allows you to test out powerful lenses that might otherwise be beyond your means. It is a great way to take your photography to the next level for those occasions that demand nothing but the best.