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Elinchrom Master RX kit

Elinchrom Master RX kit This is an Elinchrom Master RX kitToday’s digital work flow and camera systems demand greater accuracy at all power settings with an extended power range to cover extreme requirements. Precise repeatability, whether at two second or two week intervals is possible with the ultra-stable electronics controlled by accurate digital displays in the Digital Style 600 w/s monolight.




This is a Two Monolight, 1200  total w/s kit that includes the EL Skyport Radio Slave System and sync cords.

Power variation is from 600 to 9 w/s in 0.1 stop increments. Applying the renowned Elinchrom reliability, consistency and color temperature, the RX series is even more precise.

EL Skyport Radio Slave System

Four Workgroups, Eight Channels Each
  • Four Workgroups: adjust and sync individual units or groups
  • Eight Channels: Work across each workgroup
  • The “All” switch on the transmitter controls all four workgroups.
Save on Batteries
No battery is necessary for the RX Transceivers as power comes from each RX flash unit.
Adjustable Range
Movable antenna optimizes reception and working distance


Visible Status
  • LED indicates charge and operating modes
  • Test Button for manual flash trigger
Low Sync-Line Voltage
Lower sync-line voltage (5V) eliminates need to buy a separate Safe-Sync. Your camera’s sensitive circuitry is safe.
Universal Accessory Mount
The integral reflector mount is designed to maximize power efficiency and provide optimum results with Elinchrom’s extensive range of accessories, available separately.
Fire retardant, robust body shell encasing the die cast alloy chassis


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