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Nikon D800 E


Nikon D800 E Combining both high-resolution performance and a wide ISO sensitivity range has finally become a reality.

Nikon engineers have developed intelligent new methods to manipulate light transmission to the sensor’s photodiodes: from the optical low-pass filter and on-chip gapless microlenses to the image sensor’s internal design, every measure has been taken to maximize and improve light transmission in order to deliver crisp, brilliant images with significantly less noise. All this is possible under a wide variety of lighting conditions, enabling you to get the most out of your NIKKOR lenses.

No of Days Rent per day
1 – 3 days 1800 /- INR
4 – 6 days 1665 /- INR
7+ days 1530 /- INR



Nikon D800 E Reducing false color and moiré is the main job of the optical low-pass filter located in front of the image sensor. However, this benefit is generally gained with a small sacrifice of sharpness. Moiré occurs in scenes containing repetitive details, such as strong vertical lines in architecture.

Finding the right balance between benefits and sacrifices is the key to higher image quality, and that is what the D800’s optical low-pass filter delivers. As a result, the astounding 36.3 megapixels unleash their potential through an optimized balance between sharpness and effectively prevented moiré and false color.

Furthermore, the multi-layer structure of the D800 low-pass filter utilizes layers of antireflective coating that have been optimized for the camera, contributing to sharper and clearer images.


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