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Zoom H4n Handy Recorder


The gold standard in portable audio recording.

The H4n Handy Recorder has long been a favorite of audio and video aficionados everywhere. It offers four tracks of simultaneous recording, a built-in X/Y stereo microphone, and advanced features such as time stamping, phantom power and mid-side (MS) decoding, as well as onboard multi-effects and guitar/bass amp modeling. Rugged, lightweight and versatile, the H4n is a great audio companion for everything from live concert recording to location videography to music-making.




Two paths to perfect stereo

The H4n provides two different ways of recording great-sounding stereo. The X/Y technique is an excellent way to cover a wide area while still capturing sound sources in the center with clarity and definition, making it ideal for all types of live stereo recording.

The H4n’s built-in X/Y microphone provides two matched unidirectional microphones. The angle of the two can easily be changed from 90 degrees for a tightly focused stereo image to 120 degrees for a wider image.

The H4n also provides an onboard MS decoder so you can do MS (“Mid-Side”) recording using external microphones. This is an incredible technique that allows you to adjust the width of the stereo image after it has been recorded, while maintaining perfect mono compatibility, making it especially useful for film, video and television projects.

Concert and rehearsal recording has never been easier

The H4n is a great choice for live recording. Its built-in X/Y microphone allows you to record natural-sounding stereo with a strong center image. In addition, there are two combo XLR/TRS input jacks with phantom power, enabling you to connect a wide variety of external microphones or line-level signals—even instruments such as guitar and bass.

Audio that’s every bit as good as your video

DSLRs deliver excellent quality video but limited audio capability. The H4n fills that gap. It can be connected to any standard tripod, or you can use our optional Hot Shoe adapter to mount it directly to your camera. Its onboard X/Y microphone and support for MS recording give you plenty of options in postproduction, making the H4n an invaluable addition to any location shoot.

Compose, record and craft your music

The H4n transforms any environment into a home studio. Its ability to record up to four tracks simultaneously, along with powerful overdubbing and punch-in features, allows you to do high-quality recording—up to 24-bit/96kHz—wherever you go. Onboard effects such as compression, limiting, reverb, and guitar and bass amp modeling enable you to turn your musical creations into studio-quality recordings. Four-track recordings can easily be mixed down to stereo or mono, with independent control over each track’s level and panning, and you can even convert your finished song to an MP3 file for emailing and posting to your favorite social networking site.


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